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See Santa Claus Fly Over Your House

The big day is nearly here and nothing brings more excitement for children, both young and old, than the first signs that Santa is on his way. This year there are two ways your little ones can keep an eye on the big mans progress. NORAD will be tracking Santa from just before take off until he completes his mammoth task.

NORAD's predecessor, the Continental Air Defence Command (CONAD), began tracking Santa in 1955. NORAD replaced CONAD in 1958 and took over the mission of tracking Santa's flight around the world, and they've been tracking him every year since!

If that's not enough for your wee ones, if they're up early and the weather is kind enough, they can watch Santa and his team of reindeer fly over your house in the UK. You'll have to be quick as he'll only be visible for three minutes from around 06:05 There is also a second chance to see him on his return trip, on Christmas Morning, at around 07:00, this time for roughly four minutes. Keep an eye out to the South West.

Now the science part for gown ups so little ones, look away now.

Handily enough Santa's fly over considers with the International Space Station passing over us.

Amateur Twitter astronomer, @VirtualAstro has published a handy guide on how to spot it.

"When the ISS passes over it will appear as an incredibly bright star like object or plane without flashing lights moving across the sky, it can be at times the brightest object in the night sky second to the Moon.

As the station rises (from a westerly direction) it usually gets brighter but can be a challenge to spot at first. Make sure you have checked where it will rise from."

You can download an ISS tracking app from the App Store or Google Play Store, or visit NASA’s Spot The Station website here .

We'd love to see any photos you may take of Santa's fly by so please do share them with us on our social media.

We hope you all have a very merry, safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Merry Christmas from us all at Field Crafting UK and Hobby Coffee Crafts.

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