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Field Crafting UK

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Field Crafting UK

Field Crafting UK has set itself the target of rebuilding a sense of community spirit through arts, crafts, rural life activities, community engagement projects and support networks.

From supporting veterans of the armed and emergency services to children living with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), supporting the film and television industry and providing training, our goal is to foster a culture of strong mental and physical resilience

Based on the Games Workshop model, our strategic plan is to open community centred hubs which provide a safe and welcoming learning space for all ages.



The right to play is deemed so fundamental to children’s well being, that it is enshrined by the UN as a universal children’s right. Play is one of the most important ways in which children learn. It underpins formal learning later in childhood, but also enables the individual child to develop their self-worth. It strengthens powers of concentration, essential for a successful future in the classroom, and underpins everything from learning social interactions and norms, to the beginnings of scientific thinking.

Field Crafting UK has three specific goals:

- To provide OFQUAL regulated courses in Mental Health First Aid, Emergency Remote First Aid, First Aid at Work and Lowlands Navigation. All designed to help children and young adults thrive in the outdoors.

- To provide community focused projects designed to encourage children and families to be more involved in their local communities. This will include, but is not limited to, community arts and crafts coffee shops based on the Games Workshop model, equine therapy for children with SEND, forest schools, community small holdings and other rural activities.

- To provide locations scouts for the film and television industry and, develop an interest in this career pathway for children and teenagers.

By the second half of 2021 we expect to be delivering training in Level 3 Remote Emergency First Aid, Level 3 Advanced First Aid at Work, Lowland and Hill navigation and OFQUAL regulated Level 3 Mental Health First Aid at Work, including focusing on military and blue light service. Bookings will be available on our new website* for individuals, groups and organisations. Our aim, to be out standing in our field.

*release date tbc



Hobby Coffee Candles

Hobby Coffee Crafts is now a subsidiary of Field Crafting UK. Our hubs, community centres and social groups will be centred in Craft Tea Creations coffee shops based on the Games Workshop model. Customers will be able to buy a hot drink and food whilst simultaneously working on a craft based activity.

Those of you following us on Facebook will gradually notice changes in the brand over the next six months. You can also expect to see a change in the website as Field Crafting UK becomes the home page and URL.

As well as hot drinks and food, each shop will stock craft materials and hand made products ranging from candles to paper crafts and seasonal decorations. All profits from Hobby Coffee Crafts / Craft Tea Creations are fed back into Field Crafting UK for use in maintaining and building the project.



Our support for members and veterans of the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services comes in the form of Aces High Hobbies. This is the charitable side of the organisation and assists those living with mental health conditions through signposting and artisan hobby based group therapy.

We aim to foster a feeling of belonging, similar to those experienced in service, through activities familiar to those who once served. From Tea and Toast to CO's PT on Fridays, all hosted from Craft Tea Creations hubs.



After training at the National Film and Television School we will be able to provide locations scouts to the film and television industry.

Careers in this field are ideal for those with a creative mind, who want to travel and where no two days are the same.

With one foot in the door, Field Crafting UK hopes to be able to introduce young people to a growing field that they may not have ordinarily considered.


Field Crafting UK, Out Standing In Our Field


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